Effective Corporate Gifting Programs

Remember the last time you received an unexpected gift from one of your business contacts? It gave you a good feeling, didn't it? Maybe you felt more inclined to continue doing business with that person rather than with competition.

If that was the case, you experienced firsthand the power or corporate gift giving. A great corporate gift idea is one of the best tools available for building and maintaining a business. Clever gifts for business positions you foremost in the minds of your customers. When the client needs your products or service, you're the first phone call they make.

First-rate business gifts can work wonders for your reputation. Corporate gift giving is a remarkably effective, yet subtle, soft-sell form of promotion. There are many times - not just the holiday season - when a corporate gift giving program is a great idea.

Here are a few occasions you may want to develop programs around:

Send congratulations for a person's birthday, anniversary, retirement, new job, promotion, new account, new baby, wedding, new office, completion of a major project, achievement of an important personal or business goal, etc. Talented gift givers excel at discovering opportunities to celebrate.

Recognize and reward people for accomplishing a difficult goal, solving a problem or just for general excellence. Some companies present gifts right before a difficult project. The idea is to motivate employees beforehand to do a good job, rather than wait until after the dust has settled.

Grab every opportunity to increase your visibility, the visibility of your product or services and even that of your colleagues. One of the best times to give a gift is on a sales call.

Sometimes it seems that "thank you" is the least heard phrase in the corporate world. Corporate business gifts show gratitude for someone's business, dedicated work, extra help, overtime, contacts, referrals, and so on.

Saying you are sorry is an important as saying thank you. An unexpected gift doesn't excuse a missed deadline or a mistake that causes extra work for others, but it can help soften any hard feelings.